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No: 101
Conference: LJUBLJANA 2012 - Nuclear Energy for New Europe
Title: Global Energy Outlook and the Role of Nuclear Power
Theme: Invited
Author(s): Ron Cameron
Contact : Ron Cameron
E-mail: sylvia.anglade-constantin@oecd.org
Address: OECD Nuclear Energy Agency
F- 92130, Issy-Les-Moulineaux
Country: France
Author's proposal: Oral presentation
The demand for energy continues to grow, despite a recent slowing as a result of the financial crisis. This growth is particularly strong in Asia and will be increasingly so in Africa in the future. Coupled with this is the urgent need to decarbonise electricity generation in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But addressing these two requirements, while maintaining security of supply and affordable energy, is a major challenge for all governments. Energy modelling studies, like the World Energy Outlook, indicate that action is needed but not happening sufficiently quickly and that a diverse energy mix with significant use of nuclear power remains key to meeting these global challenges.
This paper will examine the nature of the energy challenge and the role that nuclear power could play in meeting it. It will discuss some of the projections for nuclear growth, the challenges to reaching this growth and the impact of the Fukushima Daiichi accident on energy policies globally.
It will also consider what nuclear energy needs to do to be a competitive source of energy production, and the different financing challenges between regulated and liberalised markets. Finally it will consider how public opinion has been affected and what nuclear energy needs to do to raise public confidence.