Bovec 2011

Soca, Photo by Manuella Popović

The 20th international conference "Nuclear Energy for New Europe" brought together 181 participants from 24 countries and two international organizations. As many as 126 presented papers inspired a lively and fruitful debate on the Fukushima accident, stress tests, current and future reactor designs, including fusion reactors, as well as on the global and national prospects for sustainable energy production and on the role of nuclear energy in the 21st century.

This year were:
181 participants and 126 conference contributions: 46 oral and 80 poster presentations.

Group photo.

The Award for Young Authors was presented to::
Davide Rozzia
for the paper:
Assessment of FGR by TRANSURANUS Code in LWR Fuels Subjected to Power Ramps, from the IFPE Database
co-authored by Alessandro Del Nevo , Martina Adorni  and Francesco D'Auria.
Samo  Košmrlj
for the paper:
Transient Analysis of the Divertor Cooling Finger Subjected to High Cyclic Surface Heating
co-authored by Boštjan  Končar.

The Award for The Best Poster  was presented to::
Adrien Giacosa
for the poster:
Analysis and sensitivity study of BWR Ex-Vessel Steam Explosion with MC3D code
co-authored by Mitja Uršič, Matjaž Leskovar.

Young authors awards and best poster award author: Davide Rozzia, Samo  Košmrlj and Adrien Giacosa.


The Proceedings containing full-length papers presented at the conference were published (ISBN 978-961-6207-32-4).

Publication in Nuclear Engineering and Design

Selected papers will be considered for publication in the journal Nuclear Engineering and Design.

Program Committee

Igor Jenčič, Slovenia, Chair

Jozsef Banati, Sweden
Helmuth Böck, Austria
Leon Cizelj, Slovenia
Gerard Cognet, France
Nikola Čavlina, Croatia
Marko Čepin, Slovenia
Milan Čerček, Slovenia
Francesco D'Auria, Italy
Milorad Dušič, IAEA
Jose Manuel Garcia Cerecedo, Spain
Michel Giot, Belgium
Horst Glaeser, Germany
Yassin A. Hassan, USA
Tim Haste, France
Christophe Journeau, France
Ivo Kljenak, Slovenia
Ivan Alexander Kodeli, Slovenia
Boštjan Končar, Slovenia
Božidar Krajnc, Slovenia
Martin Kropík, Czech Republic
Vladislav Krošelj, Slovenia
Borut Mavko, Slovenia
Irena Mele, IAEA
Primož Pelicon, Slovenia
Dubravko Pevec, Croatia
Rainer Salomaa, Finland
Vladimír Slugen, Slovak Republic
Zoran V. Stošić, Germany
Andrej Stritar, Slovenia
Iztok Tiselj, Slovenia
Andrej Trkov, Slovenia
Tomaž Žagar, Slovenia

Organizing Committee

Melita Lenošek Kavčič, Slovenia, Chair

Saša Bobič, Slovenia
Mateja Južnik, Slovenia
Borut Mavec, Slovenia
Tomaž Skobe, Slovenia
Bojan Žefran, Slovenia   

Young Authors Award Committee

Alojz Kodre, Slovenia, Chair
Michel Giot, Belgium
Dubravko Pevec, Croatia

Best Poster Award Committee

Milorad Dušič, IAEA
Gerard Cognet, France
Tim Haste, France

Contact Address

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E-mail :
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