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Some highlights from the conference and more pictures sorted by day.

img_3000 img_3001
img_3002 img_3003
img_3004 img_3005
img_3006 img_3007
img_3008 img_3009
img_3010 img_3011
img_3012 img_3013
img_3014 img_3015
img_3016 img_3017
img_3018 img_3019
img_3020 img_3021
img_3022 img_3023
img_3024 img_3025
img_3026 img_3027
img_3028 img_3029
img_3030 img_3031
img_3032 img_3033
img_3034 img_3035
img_3036 img_3037
img_3038 img_3039
img_3040 img_3041

More pictures from the conference sorted by day:

Photos by Slavko Slavič and Bojan Žefran.
More pictures will be available on Conference Proceedings.

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