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Preliminary program of the conference

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We published abstracts that have been received by August 17, 2016.

05.09.2016 16:20 Invited Gilles Bignan

No. 102
05.09.2016 16:20
The Key role of Research Reactors in support to the development of nuclear energy: example of the JHR Project, a new Material Testing Reactor working as a European and International Users Facility in support to Research Institutes and Nucl. Industry
Gilles Bignan - France

05.09.2016 17:20 Research reactors

No. 101
05.09.2016 17:20
Fifty years of neutron activation analysis in Slovenia
Borut Smodiš - Slovenia

No. 201
05.09.2016 17:40
Neutron Radiography and SSNTD's at Ljubljana Triga Research Reactor: Almost 50 years of developing the methods, facilities and of research and applications
Jožef Rant - Slovenia

No. 202
05.09.2016 18:00
Spallation Target Design for Converting the Isfahan MNSR Reactor to an Accelerator Driven System
Mohsen Kheradmand Saadi, Kimia Mokhtari - Iran

No. 203
05.09.2016 18:20
Laboratory of fast neutron generators of the NPI
Mitja Majerle - Czech Republic

06.09.2016 08:30 invited Hamid Ait Abderrahim

No. 103
06.09.2016 08:30
Role of Nuclear Energy in the Future Energy Mix and Needs for R&D in Closing the Fuel Cycle
Hamid Abderrahim - Belgium

06.09.2016 09:10 Reactor physics I

No. 301
06.09.2016 09:10
I2S-LWR pressure vessel fast fluence calculations
Mario Matijević, Dubravko Pevec, Krešimir Trontl - Croatia

No. 302
06.09.2016 09:30
Variance reduction of fusion and fission neutron transport problems using the ADVANTG hybrid code
Bor Kos, Ivan Kodeli - Slovenia

No. 317
06.09.2016 09:50
3D Cartesian TRIGA reactor model quality assessment by radial power distribution
Vid Merljak, Andrej Trkov - Slovenia

No. 304
06.09.2016 10:10
On-the-fly towards pure Monte-Carlo transient reactor core analysis
Antonios Mylonakis, Melpomeni Varvayanni, Nicolas Catsaros - Greece

06.09.2016 11:10 Reactor physics II

No. 305
06.09.2016 11:10
Analysis of ARC system for gas fast reactor
Filip Osuský, Lenka Dujčíková, Stefan Cerba, Gabriel Farkas, Branislav Vrban, Jakub Lüley - Slovakia

No. 306
06.09.2016 11:30
Delayed gamma ray modeling around irradiated JSI TRIGA fuel elements by R2S method
Klemen Ambrožič, Luka Snoj - Slovenia

No. 307
06.09.2016 11:50
Generation of Transport Equivalent Multi-Group Cross Sections and Diffusion Coefficients for Neutronic Analysis
Şamil Osman Gürdal, Mehmet Tombakoglu - Turkey

No. 308
06.09.2016 12:10
Evaluation of criticality and reaction rate experimental benchmark in spherical geometry
Tanja Kaiba, Gašper Žerovnik, Luka Snoj - Slovenia

06.09.2016 14:00 Severe Accidents

No. 801
06.09.2016 14:00
CoreSOAR Update of the Core Degradation State-of-the-Art Report: Status September 2016
Tim Haste, Marc Barrachin, Georges Repetto, Martin Steinbrück, Paul Bottomley - France

No. 802
06.09.2016 14:20
Nordic collaboration: Impact of Ag and NOx compounds on the transport of ruthenium in the primary circuit of NPP in a severe accident
Teemu Kärkelä, Ivan Kajan, Unto Tapper, Leena-Sisko Johansson, Melany Gouello - Finland

No. 803
06.09.2016 14:40
Investigation of external reactor pressure vessel cooling with ATHLET-CD
Peter Pandazis, Sebastian Weber - Germany

No. 806
06.09.2016 15:00
Influence of Melt Pouring on Stratified Steam Explosion
Vasilij Centrih, Matjaž Leskovar - Slovenia

No. 805
06.09.2016 15:20
Detailed Thermal-Mechanical Modelling of Cylindrical Core Support Plate During Severe Accident in PWR
Maciej Skrzypek, Eleonora Skrzypek - Poland

06.09.2016 15:40 Posters I

No. 204
06.09.2016 15:40
3D model of Jožef Stefan Institute TRIGA Mark II Reactor
Anže Jazbec, Luka Snoj - Slovenia

No. 205
06.09.2016 15:40
Coolant Temperature Measurements in the core of TRIGA Research Reactor
Romain Henry, Marko Matkovič - Slovenia

No. 206
06.09.2016 15:40
TRANSURANUS Code Performance under Fuel Melting Conditions: the HEDL P-19 Experiment
Rolando Calabrese, Paul Van Uffelen, Arndt Schubert - Italy

No. 207
06.09.2016 15:40
Triga Reactor Simulator
Jan Malec, Dan Toškan, Luka Snoj - Slovenia

No. 309
06.09.2016 15:40
Neutron streaming analysis and shielding determination for the Krško nuclear power plant
Bor Kos, Marjan Kromar, Žiga Štancar, Peter Klenovšek, Luka Snoj - Slovenia

No. 310
06.09.2016 15:40
SCALE 6.1.3 and Serpent 2.1.24 criticality safety analysis of a Fukushima Daiichi-like Spent Fuel Pool
Antonio Guglielmelli, Federico Rocchi, Giacomino Bandini - Italy

No. 311
06.09.2016 15:40
Analysis of operational history of the JSI TRIGA for the purpose of benchmarking burnup calculations
Anže Pungerčič, Luka Snoj - Slovenia

No. 312
06.09.2016 15:40
Analysis of the primary water activation in a typical PWR
Andrej Žohar, Luka Snoj - Slovenia

No. 313
06.09.2016 15:40
Analytic function expansion nodal method (AFEN) for solving SP3 and diffusion equations in hexagonal geometry
Mohammad Hasan Jalili Bahabadi, Ali Pazirandeh - Iran

No. 314
06.09.2016 15:40
Validation of the ADVANTG for neutron fields in three-section concrete labyrinth experimental benchmark from Cf-252 neutron source
Domen Kotnik - Slovenia

No. 315
06.09.2016 15:40
Current Developments of the VVER Core Analysis Code KARATE-440
György Hegyi, András Keresztúri, Csaba Maráczy, Emese Temesvári, István Panka - Hungary

No. 316
06.09.2016 15:40
2-D reflector modelling for VENUS-2 MOX Core Benchmark
Dusan Calic, Andrej Trkov - Slovenia

No. 318
06.09.2016 15:40
Simplified In Core Fuel Management Software for Education and Training
Erhan Şenlik, Mehmet Tombakoglu - Turkey

No. 322
06.09.2016 15:40
Determination of the Computational Bias in Criticality Safety Validation of VVER-440/V213
Branislav Vrban, Jakub Lüley, Štefan Čerba, Filip Osuský - Slovakia

No. 323
06.09.2016 15:40
Recent development and examples of the use of the Windows interface environment XSUN-2016 for transport and sensitivity-uncertainty analysis
Ivan Kodeli, Slavko Slavič - Slovenia

No. 324
06.09.2016 15:40
Experimental and calculated data on criticality of uranium-zirconium hydride systems with 45% enriched Uranium-235
Svyatoslav Sikorin, Siarhei Mandzik, Andrei Kuzmin, Tatsiana Hryharovich - Belarus

No. 326
06.09.2016 15:40
Construction of a Monte Carlo Benchmark Pressurized Water Reactor Core Model
Žiga Štancar, Marjan Kromar, Bor Kos, Luka Snoj - Slovenia

No. 402
06.09.2016 15:40
Developing a New Neutron and Reactivity Monitoring System for Paks NPP
Sándor Kiss, Sándor Lipcsei, Gábor Házi, Zoltán Dezső, Tamás Parkó, István Pós, Miklós Ignits, László Hományi - Hungary

No. 404
06.09.2016 15:40
DMReS, Digital Reacivity Meter of the new Generation
Slavko Slavič, Andrej Trkov, Bojan Žefran - Slovenia

No. 405
06.09.2016 15:40
Non-Destructive Testing of Reactor Pressure Vessel Nozzle
Petar Mateljak - Croatia

No. 406
06.09.2016 15:40
A feasibility study on in-core fuel management via Quantum Particle Swarm optimization
Francesca Giacobbo, Gabriele Tavelli, Antonio Cammi, Marco Cauzzi - Italy

No. 407
06.09.2016 15:40
Possibility of nuclear cogeneration development in the region of Paks
Török Szabina, Börcsök Endre, Talamon Attila - Hungary

No. 505
06.09.2016 15:40
Simulation of the Experiment PKL III H2.1 with the TRACE5 Code
Jara Turégano Lara, Maria Lorduy, Sergio Gallardo, Gumersindo Verdú - Spain

No. 508
06.09.2016 15:40
Thermal-hydraulic Analysis Code for Plate-type Fuel Nuclear Reactors
Duvan Castellanos Gonzalez, Pedro Carajilescov, Jose Maiorino - Brazil

No. 509
06.09.2016 15:40
The influence of imposed gas velocity profile on wave dynamics in the simulation of vertical air-water churn flow
Matej Tekavčič, Boštjan Končar, Ivo Kljenak - Slovenia

No. 510
06.09.2016 15:40
Analysis of the MSIV Closure Transient Simulation in APROS
Tadeja Polach, Ivica Bašić, Luka Štrubelj - Slovenia

No. 511
06.09.2016 15:40
Spectral Element Direct Numerical Simulation Of Sodium Flow Over A Backward Facing Step
Jure Oder, Jernej Urankar, Iztok Tiselj - Slovenia

No. 512
06.09.2016 15:40
Development of Turbulent Mixing Layer in Horizontal Confined Two-Component Flow
Rok Krpan, Boštjan Končar - Slovenia

No. 513
06.09.2016 15:40
Experiments on bubbly to slug flow transition in a vertical cylindrical tube
Matic Kunšek, Daisuke Ito, Yasushi Saito - Slovenia

No. 515
06.09.2016 15:40
Evaluation of Non-condensable Gas Effect on the Operation of Emergency Core Cooling System during LBLOCA
Seunghun Yoo, Kwang-Won Seul, Young-Seok Bang - South Korea

No. 517
06.09.2016 15:40
Modeling of NEK Steam Line Break analysis in computer code Apros 6
Jure Jazbinšek, Luka Štrubelj, Klemen Debelak, Ivica Bašić - Slovenia

No. 518
06.09.2016 15:40
Assessment of Condensation Heat Transfer Models of MARS-KS and TRACE Codes Using PASCAL Test
Kyung Won Lee, Aeju Cheong, Andong Shin - South Korea

No. 519
06.09.2016 15:40
The Effect of Tube Arrangement and Turbulence Models for Steady Flow Past Tube Bundles
Ali Tiftikci, Cemil Kocar - Turkey

No. 521
06.09.2016 15:40
Simulation of a station blackout transient using TRACE5. Application to ATLAS facility.
Maria Lorduy, Jara Turégano Lara, Sergio Gallardo, Gumersindo Verdú - Spain

No. 523
06.09.2016 15:40
UHS Cooling Pond Evaluation using NUREG-0693 Methodology
Davor Grgić, Nikola Čavlina, Tomislav Fancev - Croatia

No. 524
06.09.2016 15:40
Estimation of SFDS Cask Heat-up after Blockage of Ventilation Openings
Davor Grgić, Siniša Šadek, Vesna Benčik - Croatia

No. 601
06.09.2016 15:40
Microstructural evaluation of creep behavior in hydrided E110 cladding
Hygreeva Namburi - Czech Republic

No. 603
06.09.2016 15:40
Macroscopic Validation of the Micromechanical Model for Neutron-Irradiated Stainless Steel
Samir El Shawish, Leon Cizelj, Jeremy Hure, Benoit Tanguy - Slovenia

No. 604
06.09.2016 15:40
Drop Test Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Disposal Container
Miha Kramar, Franc Sinur, Matija Gams - Slovenia

No. 806
06.09.2016 15:40
Influence of Melt Pouring on Stratified Steam Explosion
Vasilij Centrih, Matjaž Leskovar - Slovenia

No. 807
06.09.2016 15:40
Simulation of natural circulation experiment in MISTRA experimental containment facility with OpenFOAM CFD code
Boštjan Zajec, Ivo Kljenak - Slovenia

No. 808
06.09.2016 15:40
Modelling of debris bed coolability in bottom reflooding conditions with MC3D code
Janez Kokalj, Mitja Uršič, Matjaž Leskovar - Slovenia

No. 809
06.09.2016 15:40
Comparison of CFD and LP Codes for the Simulation of Hydrogen Combustion Experiments
Tadej Holler, Ed Komen, Ivo Kljenak - Slovenia

No. 810
06.09.2016 15:40
Improvement of the melt relocation modelling in ATHLET-CD
Liviusz Lovasz, Sebastian Weber - Germany

No. 811
06.09.2016 15:40
Analysis of X-Ray Images in SERENA KROTOS Experiments with Premixing Simulations
Vasilij Centrih, Matjaž Leskovar - Slovenia

No. 813
06.09.2016 15:40
Material Influence on Ex-vessel Steam Explosion
Tomaž Skobe, Matjaž Leskovar - Slovenia

No. 814
06.09.2016 15:40
Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of PHWR Containment using MELCOR Code in severe accident
Sungchu Song, Seon Oh Yu - South Korea

No. 904
06.09.2016 15:40
CAD data storage and access in IDAM
Marijo Telenta, Leon Kos, Robert Akers - Slovenia

No. 905
06.09.2016 15:40
Effect of multilayer insulation on thermal loading in DEMO systems
Ingrid Vavtar, Martin Draksler, Boštjan Končar - Slovenia

No. 906
06.09.2016 15:40
Synthesis of W-based composite as a plasma facing material
Andreja Šestan, Matej Kocen, Janez Zavašnik, Saša Novak, Petra Jenuš, Miran Čeh - Slovenia

No. 907
06.09.2016 15:40
Tunnel probe measurements in a low-temperature magnetized plasma
Jernej Kovačič, James Paul Gunn, Tomaž Gyergyek - Slovenia

No. 908
06.09.2016 15:40
Deuterium atom loading of self-damaged tungsten at different sample temperatures
Anže Založnik, Sabina Markelj, Thomas Schwarz-Selinger, Klaus Schmid - Slovenia

No. 909
06.09.2016 15:40
Thermal Loading of DEMO Divertor Cassette During Maintenance Conditions
Luka Klobučar, Boštjan Končar - Slovenia

No. 910
06.09.2016 15:40
The first study of deuterium retention in tungsten simultaneously damaged by high energy W ions and loaded by D
Sabina Markelj, Anže Založnik, Thomas Schwarz-Selinger, Mitja Kelemen, Primož Vavpetič, Primož Pelicon, Etienne Hodille, Christian Grisolia - Slovenia

No. 911
06.09.2016 15:40
Micro-NRA and micro-3HIXE with 3He microbeam on samples exposed in ASDEX Upgrade and pilot-PSI machines
Mitja Kelemen - Slovenia

No. 913
06.09.2016 15:40
Deuterium Removal from Self-ion Irradiated Tungsten by Annealing in Vacuum and Isotopic Exchange
Olga Ogorodnikova, Sabina Markelj, V. Efimov, Yu. Gasparyan - Russian Federation

No. 1004
06.09.2016 15:40
Assessment of Spent Fuel Activity in Dose Projection Software
Matic Pirc, Borut Breznik, Primož Mlakar - Slovenia

No. 1005
06.09.2016 15:40
Radiological consequences of potential disintegration of U tailings pile at the former Žirovski Vrh uranium mine, Slovenia
Tea Bilić-Zabric - Slovenia

No. 1006
06.09.2016 15:40
Ionization Smoke Detectors in Slovenia – Current Status and Future Challenges
Simona Sučič, Marko Kostanjevec, Tomaž Žagar - Slovenia

No. 1101
06.09.2016 15:40
Public Opinion about Nuclear Energy – Year 2016 Poll
Radko Istenič, Igor Jenčič - Slovenia

No. 1102
06.09.2016 15:40
Energy for Children
Vesna Slapar Borišek - Slovenia

No. 1103
06.09.2016 15:40
European Decommissioning Academy (EDA) – 2nd run
Vladimír Slugeň, Martin Hornáček, Róbert Hinca, Filip Osuský - Slovakia

06.09.2016 16:20 Probabilistic Safety Assessment

No. 701
06.09.2016 16:20
Shutdown Probabilistic Safety Assessment – A Case Study for the Pressurized Water Reactor
Marko Čepin, Rudolf Prosen - Slovenia

No. 702
06.09.2016 16:40
Challenges of external hazards assessment. ASAMPSA_E project achievements.
Mirela Nitoi, Emmanuel Raimond, Yves Guigueno - Romania

No. 703
06.09.2016 17:00
Assessments of EP&R provisions in Europe
Nadja Železnik - Slovenia

06.09.2016 17:20 Reactor Operation

No. 319
06.09.2016 17:20
Simulation of the Initial NPP Krško Cycles with CASL Core Simulator - VERA-CS
Andrew T. Godfrey, Fausto Franceschini, Mohamed Ouisloumen, Marjan Kromar - USA

No. 403
06.09.2016 17:40
Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) for the design of Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Decommissioning Training in South Korea
Jeong Keun Kwak - South Korea

07.09.2016 08:30 invited Böck Helmuth

No. 104
07.09.2016 08:30
Five Decades of TRIGA Reactors
Helmuth Böck - Austria

07.09.2016 09:10 Thermal Hydraulics I

No. 501
07.09.2016 09:10
Investigation of Thermal Turbulent Flow Characteristics of Wire-wrapped Fuel Pin Bundle of Sodium Cooled Fast Reactor in Lattice-Boltzmann Framework
Ali Tiftikci, Cemil Kocar - Turkey

No. 502
07.09.2016 09:30
LOCA spectrum calculations for PWR by RELAP5 and TRACE
Andrej Prošek - Slovenia

No. 503
07.09.2016 09:50
Prediction of low-pressure subcooled boiling with advanced interfacial area source term modelling
Ronak Thakrar, Simon Walker - United Kingdom

07.09.2016 11:10 Thermal Hydraulics II

No. 504
07.09.2016 11:10
Crack growth assessment in pipes under turbulent fluid mixing using an improved spectral loading approach and linear elastic fracture mechanics
Oriol Costa Garrido, Samir El Shawish, Leon Cizelj - Slovenia

No. 205
07.09.2016 11:30
Coolant Temperature Measurements in the core of TRIGA Research Reactor
Romain Henry, Marko Matkovič - Slovenia

No. 522
07.09.2016 11:50
Prediction of Wall Condensation in the Presence of Non-Condensable Gases through Various Thermal-Hydraulic Codes
Erol Bicer, Yeon-Joon Choo, Seong-Su Jeon, Seung-Sin Kim, Yong-Hwy Kim, Soon-Joon Hong - South Korea

No. 507
07.09.2016 12:10
On the discontinuity of the dissipation rate associated with the temperature variance at the fluid-solid interface for cases with conjugate heat transfer
Cedric Flageul, Sofiane Benhamadouche, Eric Lamballais, Dominique Laurence, Iztok Tiselj - Slovenia

08.09.2016 08:30 invited Simon Pinches

No. 105
08.09.2016 08:30
The ITER Integrated Modelling Programme
Simon Pinches - France

08.09.2016 09:10 Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Technology

No. 912
06.09.2016 15:40
Production of prompt and delayed gamma rays in fusion reactors
Dijana Makivič, Igor Lengar - Slovenia

No. 901
08.09.2016 09:10
SOLPS-ITER Dashboard
Leon Kos, Ivan Lupell, Xavier Bonnin - Slovenia

No. 902
08.09.2016 09:30
Calculations to support JET neutron yield calibration: Effects of the neutron source anisotropy
Aljaž Čufar, Luka Snoj, Jet Contributors - Slovenia

No. 903
08.09.2016 09:50
Fast online MPC for ITER plasma current and shape control
Samo Gerkšič - Slovenia

08.09.2016 10:30 Radiation and Environmental Protection

No. 1001
08.09.2016 10:30
MetroERM - Metrology for Radiological Early Warning Networks in Europe
Denis Glavič Cindro, Toni Petrovič, Matjaž Vencelj, Benjamin Zorko - Slovenia

No. 1002
08.09.2016 10:50
New Ceramic Waste Forms for High Level Radioactive Wastes
Neslihan Yanikömer, Sinan Asal, Sevilay Haciyakupoglu, Sema Erentürk - Turkey

No. 1003
08.09.2016 11:10
Dual track approach to strategy and planning for high level waste and spent fuel deep geological disposal
Tomaž Žagar, Leon Kegel, Matej Rupret - Slovenia

08.09.2016 11:30
Panel discussion on
Challenges in Education, Training and Knowledge Management

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