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The 26th International Conference Nuclear Energy for New Europe (NENE 2017) was held in the beautiful alpine resort of Bled during September 11-14, 2017. This year, the leading theme of the conference was Sustainable Future through Nuclear Energy, Research and Education.

Group photo (small res.)

Totally, 230 participants from 24 countries attended the conference and the two meetings that took place at the same time:

  • NUGENIA Executive Committee Meeting,
  • SNETP Governing Board Meeting.
Participant countries (small res.)

Highlights of the conference were:

Fun fact: total executed program time was 24h 45min.

As this year’s novelty competition, the first Young Author Slam Session Award for the best short presentation (3 minutes) by young author was presented to:

We thank all who participated in the voting for the Young Author Slam Session Award.

The traditional Young Author Contest Award for the best paper by young author was presented to:

Special thanks go to the members of the Young author award committee who diligently worked through the excellent papers.

This year, two Best Poster Awards were presented to:

Thank you to the members of the Best poster award committee who evaluated the posters.

The organizing committee would like to express their sincere appreciation to all the participants, and in particular to the invited lectures, panellists and authors for their excellent contributions. Special thanks go to the members of the Program committee, who solicited papers and elaborated the conference program.

Finally, we would also like to recognize the support of the Nuclear Society of Slovenia and the Reactor Engineering Division of the Jožef Stefan Institute as the co-organizers and the support of our sponsors.

Dates to Remember
January 31   Call for papers
April 30
May 15
  Abstracts submittal
June 30   Acceptance of abstracts
August 20   Young author papers
August 31   Full-length papers
September 11-14   Conference
November 30   Proceedings


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