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Conference Awards

Young Authors Award

Full-length papers competing for the Young Authors Award should be submitted before August 20th, 2017.

35 contestants from 17 countries submitted abstracts for the Young Author Contest.


  1. Each candidate can participate in the contest with only one paper of his/her choice.
  2. The young author contestant must be the first and the presenting author.
  3. The young author contestant should be born in the year 1985 or later.
  4. The number of co-authors should be limited to a maximum of two additional authors.
  5. The young author contestant must submit full-length paper no later than August 20, 2017.
  6. The paper length is limited to a maximum of eight (8) pages including references.
  7. Young author slam session will be organized on Tuesday September 12 at 11.00, where selected candidates will be asked to prepare a short presentation.
    1. Presentations will be strictly limited to 3 minutes (maximum 3 slides).
    2. Selected candidates will be notified before August 30, however all YAC contestants are advised to prepare a short presentation.
    3. All YAC contestants will also still be considered as a regular conference participants of the conference and should follow the Program committee decision in preparation of either oral or poster presentation.

Final papers should satisfy all rules to be eligible for the YAC. The award will be given only based on the submitted paper.

The Young Author Award Committee:

  • Iztok Tiselj, chair
  • Michel Giot
  • Tim Haste
  • Dubravko Pevec
will review the eligible papers and select the winner.

To increase the visibility of young authors a YAC (Young Authors Contest) mark will be put on their badges. During oral presentations, the chairs of the sessions will emphasise that the author is competing for the young author award. The YAC mark will be posted also on the adequate poster panel.

Young author slam session

Top candidates for the YAC award will be selected by the YAC Committee to present their work in a short presentation (3 minutes per presentation) in the Young author slam session which will be held on Tuesday, September 12, starting at 11.00 and lasting 60 minutes.

Award ceremony

The award ceremony will be held on Wednesday, September 13, during the conference dinner. The chair will present the Young Author Contests Committee decision and give the award to maximum of two authors.

Best Poster Award

The best poster will be selected by the Best Poster Award Committee:

  • Daniela Diaconu, chair
  • Eija Karita Puska, vice chair
  • Christophe Destouches
  • Ivo Kljenak


  1. Presenting authors must be available to the award committee and other participants during their poster session.
  2. The best posters will be selected according to:
    • Clearness of objectives: the objectives of the study should be displayed in a way that they can be understood at the first glance.
    • Results and conclusions: the main results must be clearly pointed out and the conclusions must be clear, understandable and underline the main contributions of the study.
    • Aesthetics and attractiveness: the design of the poster must invite people to read it.

Award ceremony

The award ceremony will be held on Thursday, September 14, during the conference closure. The chair will present the Best Poster Award Committee decision and give the award to maximum of two authors.

Dates to Remember
January 31   Call for papers
April 30
May 15
  Abstracts submittal
June 30   Acceptance of abstracts
August 20   Young author papers
August 31   Full-length papers
September 11-14   Conference
November 30   Proceedings


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