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Social Activities and Events

All participants are cordially invited to all social activities and other special events.

Welcome reception

The welcome reception will be held at the terrace Veranda of the Hotel Golf on Monday, September 11, at 19:00.

Price for the accompanying person is 30 EUR.

Conference lunches

Lunches are included in the registration fee and will be served in the ground floor restaurant of the Hotel Golf from Tuesday to Thursday between 13:00 and 14:20.

Price for the accompanying person is 25 EUR per lunch.

Group photo

The Group photo will be taken at the terrace Veranda of the Hotel Golf on Tuesday, September 12, at 13:00.

Running together around the lake

A joint run around the lake will be organised on Wednesday morning at 6:15. If you might be interested, the details are available here: http://www.nss.si/nene2017/run.html

Conference trip

Guided tour around Lake Bled with summer tobogganing

After a long day of just sitting in a confined space, it is delightful to go out, stretch your legs and breathe some fresh air. Therefore, we would like to invite you to a guided tour of Bled and its surroundings. From the shore of Lake Bled, we will enjoy a stunning view on the Bled Island in the middle of the lake and the castle above the lake. From the lakeside, we will then ascend 140 meters to the hill Straža, which offers an even more awe-inspiring view on the lake. For the return trip to the valley, we suggest taking the summer sleds, but one can also, with the proper footwear, walk along the side of the ski slope. We will continue the tour by passing the Vila Bled, one of former Yugoslavian President Tito's residences. We will advance by the rowing centre and from the shore under the castle, return to the hotel. Since no visit of Bled is complete without the Bled cream cake, we will sweeten our tour with this famous dessert along the way. Like any proper guided tour, we will listen to interesting facts about Bled along the way.

Price for the accompanying person is 20 EUR.

Conference dinner

The conference dinner will be held at the Grand Hall of the Grand Hotel Toplice in Bled on Wednesday, September 13, at 20:00. The Grand Hotel Toplice is within walking distance from the Hotel Golf. The Young Author Award ceremony will be held during the dinner.

Price for the accompanying person is 60 EUR.

Dates to Remember
January 31   Call for papers
April 30
May 15
  Abstracts submittal
June 30   Acceptance of abstracts
August 20   Young author papers
August 31   Full-length papers
September 11-14   Conference
November 30   Proceedings


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