Dr. Sama Bilbao y León

NENE2019 | Opening | Introductory speeches

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“Costs of Decarbonisation” OECD NEA study 2019
NENE 2019 Dr Sama Bilbao Y LeonSama Bilbao y León is the Head of the Division of Nuclear Technology Development and Economics at OECD Nuclear Energy Agency. In her role at the NEA, she helps provide Member Countries with authoritative studies in support of their energy policy decision-making. Sama has a very diverse professional experience having worked in the nuclear industry (Nuclear Safety Analysis Engineer, Dominion Energy, USA), in academia (Director of Nuclear Engineering Programs and Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), USA) and in international organisations (Technical Head of Water Cooled Reactors Technology Development Unit, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)). Sama, who is originally from Spain, holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree in Energy Technologies from the Polytechnic University of Madrid; a master’s degree and a PhD in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison; and an MBA from Averett University. Sama’s areas of expertise are nuclear thermal-hydraulics for both light water reactors and sodium cooled reactors, nuclear reactor design, nuclear safety, energy and environmental policy, and complex decision making.