Mr. Bret Kugelmass

NENE2019 | Opening | Introductory speeches

Talk title:
“Reversing Climate Change is Possible with Nuclear Energy”
NENE2019 Dr Bret KugelmassBret Kugelmass is a former technology entrepreneur who has dedicated his focus to climate and energy challenges. One of the early pioneers in commercializing unmanned aerospace technology he founded and remained CEO of Airphrame Inc. for five years up until its acquisition. Prior to this, he received his masters in robotics from Stanford University and his earlier work includes designing lunar rover control systems for NASA and a concept electric car for Panasonic. In 2017, he launched a Washington, DC based research institute, the Energy Impact Center, focused on exploring the challenges and opportunities of nuclear power’s role in deep decarbonization. Their work includes technoeconomic analysis of power technologies, hosting clean-tech prize competitions, and publishing audio interviews with hundreds of experts under the “Titans of Nuclear” brand.