Nuclear Society of Slovenia  
NSS Work Programme for 2007 to 2010

The Nuclear Society of Slovenia Work Programme for the period
2007 to 2010


Programme of the Nuclear Society of Slovenia for the period 2007 to 2010 follows the mission and main goals of the Society in the field of peaceful use of nuclear science and technology. In this period a special attention will be paid on nuclear energy issues and on the urgent problem of deficiency of young nuclear experts. Nuclear energy is certainly one of the most important primary sources of energy without greenhouse gas emissions. Nowadays, when the nuclear energy option experiences a new momentum worldwide, we are confronted with inevitable generation exchange of nuclear experts. Therefore, in the next years, the Society will focus on stimulating young people’s interest in the nuclear field. The Society will also encourage nuclear experts to be actively involved in the issues and decisions concerning nuclear technology, education and science. The activities will be directed towards achieving the following goals:

• stronger involvement of all members in the Society activities,

• objective public information regarding the professional issues,

• encouraging high professional level and education of Society members,

• taking part in decision-making at the issues concerning nuclear energy, technology, education and science,

• stimulating the activities of young nuclear experts,

• promotion of nuclear science and technology and stimulating young people’s interest in the nuclear field.

These goals will be achieved by carrying out the following activities:

• organisation of the international annual conference,

• support for publishing,

• informing members and public by the newsletter “Jedrce” and Society web sites,

• upgrading of English-Slovene Glossary of Nuclear technology,

• organisation of lectures and public debates,

• cooperation with similar international and national associations and expert organisations,

• cooperation in public discussions,

• organising study tours,

• ensuring special funds for the purpose of promotion of nuclear technology among young people and to stimulate studies connected with the nuclear science and technology,

• organisation of social events (trips, barbecue parties, dancing parties, sport competitions, etc.).